Fidel Castro, the Queen, and the Bangkok Girl

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Fidel Castro, the Queen, and the Bangkok Girl Empty Fidel Castro, the Queen, and the Bangkok Girl

Post  byeongpung on Mon Feb 25, 2008 3:19 am

Fidel Castro, the Queen, and the Bangkok Girl

Think about it: the Queen is far poorer than many people who can only envy her social position and international clout.
The royal family understands better than anyone else, why money can't
buy everything. They never need to face starvation, nor can they
consume as much as they can afford to. Therefore they live rather
modestly, according to provisions alloted to them based on political,
not economic considerations.
They, ironically, not the steel workers of Manchester, are the ones more equipped to understand the ethos of socialism.
They, unlike the "moguls" and "tycoons" of the Bourgeois Meritocracy,
do not seek security and status through relentless pursuit of wealth
and opulence (read: "overconsumption").
Aristocracy is not, or is no longer the perpetrator of gross
inequalities. It is the Meritocracy of the the Bourgeoisie and the
Middle Class, and the "Egalitarianism" of the Proletariat and Fidel
Castro, the very systems that boast mobility, advancement and social
progress for the commoners and the downtrodden, that are the source of
the downward Rat Race that is our World.

Rat race indeed. It is a shame to live in a society where Materialism
seems as gentle as any other extolled virtues of the Liberal Society
such as Tolerance, Secularism and Freedom of Choice, where spirituality
is as good as dead. It is in Thailand, where our Gentle Materialism
rampages like a Bangladeshi flood, or an epidemic, that you feel truly
close to your god, or whoever your savior is. In a land of no shame,
where is the fig leaf you can cling on to cover your naked materialism?
It's the kind of materialism we in this "gentle" and oh so ethical
society often associate with Meritocracy, Advancement, Social Progress
and, if none of the above, at least Freedom of Choice. We can only hope
that "Progress" undoes itself, as in, Cuba.

Fidel is replaced by Raul today. But Castro didn't replace Castro. The
Castros are several times richer than Her Majesty the Queen. Before
jumping quickly into a quick condemnation of the hypocrisy of
Communism, why don't we try thinking the other way around? Well, on the
flip side of what appears to be our outrageous tolerance of some "blood
sucking dictatorial regime that defies the Free World", what we have
now is probably a savvy Mafia of Revolutionary origin turning, Kudos to
Fidel, into another bloody Conservative Aristocratic dynasty---perhaps
on the advise of Henry Kissinger? Or more likely after the example of
Colonel Muammar Qaddafi? Or perhaps, simply for the good of Mankind!

Before we find our fig leaf again, let's hate Social Progress with a Passion.

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